The Extra Guest: Our Vision

The Extra Guest: supporting those who have little or no access to food at home and around the world. 

Here’s wonderful volunteer Safia Nelson. Safia has made visits to India (SOS Children’s Villages) on our behalf and her beautiful smile always guarantees a great response to our raffle sales!

Safia Nelson The Extra Guest

Our Vision: To create ‘Food for All’ through:

  • funding established world-wide end-hunger projects (e.g. via our partners Oxfam, SOS Children’s Villages) and local initiatives such as Food Banks and refugee and homeless centres
  • helping those in poverty to create a sustainable future
  • raising awareness of humanity as one and encouraging an ethos of sharing
  • promoting the practice of ethical dining (by inviting gratitude offerings following a special meal)
Extra Guest Food
Organic Garden In Uganda - Amatsiko Organisation